On The Road by Peter Schindler: published by On The Road Editions
On The Road
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  • Dear Peter,

    Today is the perfect day for reading the end of your book. That wasn't my first idea, however, because I went yesterday, after three weeks of waiting, to take back my Lotus 340R from the garage after some repairs. Today, Saturday, a little trip round Paris was scheduled. But, as a huge snow storm began this morning, I'll stay home and have a trip with your stories. I liked very much your stories. They helped me to have a little trip every evening just before sleeping and continue it in my dreams...

    Thank you for that —

    Amaury Gariel, France

  • "I couldn't help taking a quick look through On the Road when it arrived in the mail for my boss. I liked so much what I saw that I went straight to the www.ontheroadeditions.com website and ordered it for my husband as a father's day gift. He loves driving, and it seemed like the perfect present for him." —
    Marina van Poelje, Netherlands

  • "Well I was relaxed on holidays and leisurely read your book and I must say I found it very enjoyable. It reminded me of some of my driving experiences. I really liked the driving stories . Kermit sounds like it was a great first car full of memories for you!" —
    Paulette Steele , Australia

  • "Last Sunday, I sat in the shade of our garden with a Pimms in my hand and read On the Road in one sitting. I couldn't stop because I could relate to so many things: what Peter's experienced is exactly what I've enjoyed on the road. Plus Peter's writing is beautiful and the photographs are fantastic. The only disappointment was that the book ended long before I wanted it to. It left me wondering when Peter would write his next book." —
    Derrick Ross, United Kingdom

  • "I am half-way through your book, and I'm deeply in love with it. And how I love Kermit! The pictures are really good because I can relax looking at them - every single one of them. There are also some serious thoughts about life, which make me stop to think through, take me a while to comprehend and self-reflect." —
    Vincent Chan, Hong Kong