On The Road

Stelvio or Bust
If you love driving, and especially if you drive a Lotus, you must meet Tony Churly. By training, he is a computer engineer. By passion, he is a Lotus Elise driver. For the past five years, he has organised a rally of Elise drivers that runs from the U.K. to and over the Passo dello Stelvio, Italy's highest mountain pass. Along the way, Tony leads his Elise troops through many other countries such that last year they covered over 4,000 miles in two weeks in September, the birth-month of the Elise. On the day they crossed Stelvio, over 130 Elises were gathered on that pass. What a spectacle it was!

If you've never looked into an Elise, do yourself a favour and take a peek. We did when we met Tony for lunch at the Bird in Hand in Wrenningham near the Lotus factory. We even sat in Tony's Elise after he gave us a nod. The seat is, well, a body-shaped casing with 1.5 inches of padding. That's it. 4,000 miles in two weeks on slightly-padded metal. As we contemplated Tony's trip, we suddenly thought about luggage.

'Where do you put your luggage, Tony?' we asked. He showed us the Elise's boot.

'It's not much, but it serves us ok. As for clothes, well, we take what's made of fabric that dries overnight. So, we just need one set,' mused Tony.

Now that's driving enthusiasm!

Scuderia Froschenteich
Come rain or shine, come snow or dry, come cold or hot, the MG enthusiasts of Scuderia Froschenteich will go drive and drive and drive again. They are based in Germany, and if ever you thought that driving in Germany is only about driving fast on the Autobahn, then think again and visit Scuderia Froschenteich.


The MG Owners' Club is the World's largest single marque car club. Formed in 1973 and supplying all MG requirements, the Club provides a full range of benefits for the dedicated MG enthusiast or the less enthusiastic owner who simply enjoys running an MG for everyday transport or just for fun

We will be adding other links soon. In the meantime, if you know of any group of driving afficionadoes that celebrates the pleasures of driving, please do let us know.